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Influencer Scale Impact on CAC

  • Problem: Performance marketers often face the challenge of increasing acquisition costs when looking for higher volume on their most successful campaigns.

  • Question: What's the scalability of Influencer Marketing as a performance media and how does increasing budgets impact CAC?

  • Case Study: One of our more robust campaigns has been running for 18 months, with several budget increases, and we have the full CAC evolution over time.

At TATAM we are all about scaling performance via influencers, so we wanted to understand exactly HOW DID BUDGET INCREASES affects CAC.

Below is our full case study!

These are our main findings:

  • With more budget, the CAC stabilized.

  • The CAC not only did not increase with higher budgets but slightly decreased.

  • It's hard to saturate influencers, especially when working in big markets and a wide range of content verticals.

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