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Influencer performance 12 months evolution analysis

When measuring influencer results, time must be considered as an important variable.

Especially when working with Youtube creators, branded content is evergreen and videos continue to bring views and revenue over time, far beyond its upload week. We call this the YouTube Long Tail Effect.

On this​ second case study about the effect of time on performance, we feature a campaign that was paused after 3 months of running on YouTube, and over the next 10 months subscribers from those videos kept growing.

These are our main findings:

  1. 50% of signups came in the first two months, and the other 50% occurred in the following 10 months.

  2. Regarding purchases, most of the purchases (74%) came during the next 10 months after the campaign finished.

  3. Influencer marketing performance requests measuring and tracking the long tail effect to keep an accurate picture of the KPIs evolution over time.

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