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Influencer Organic Uplift effect

When running performance influencer marketing campaigns targeting specific KPIs, them being CPI, CPA, CAC, or ROI, you will work with a tracking method and tool.


Each influencer collaboration will have a unique, vanity URL or promo code, that you will then track and analyze both isolated and compared to others, to evaluate its performance.

However, influencer marketing will have a deep impact on the overall performance of the app or product, that will not happen through the tracking links or promo codes, but will be pretty significant.

At TATAM we call this the Multiplier Effect, and we wanted to understand exactly HOW MUCH was that effect.

Below is our full case study!

These are our main findings:


  • Organic installs grew 371% during the influencer campaign.

  • Organic subscriptions grew 1737%.

  • The organic subscription conversion rate improved by 400%.

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