Influencer ROI Long TAIL effect

When measuring results, time must be considered as an important variable.

When running performance influencer marketing campaigns targeting specific KPIs, them being CPI, CPA, CAC or ROI, you will work with a tracking method and tool.

Each influencer collaboration will have a unique, vanity URL or promo code, that you will then track and analyze both isolated and compared to others, to evaluate it's performance.

Especially on Youtube platform, branded content is evergreen and videos continue to bring views and revenue over time, far beyond its upload week. We call this the YouTube Long Tail Effect.


Nevertheless, we have always been intrigued by how much: HOW MUCH does the long tail represent for the integrated brand, in terms of ROI?     

Below is our full case study!

These are our main findings:

  • Brand placements on YouTube generate a lifetime value that doubles the immediate revenue.

  • ~50% of total revenue will come on Month 1, an incremental 50% will come over 8 months.

  • When working with YouTubers, offer an evergreen call-to-action and keep a promo or discount valid for over 12 months.