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How to replicate performance success in a new, more expensive market

  • Problem: Launch an influencer marketing campaign in DACH (German-speaking countries), running parallel to a successful campaign for the same product in U.S.

  • Question: Influencer costs are much higher in Germany: is the premium worth it? Can the DACH funnel be more efficient than the U.S. funnel, to compensate for a more expensive CPM?

  • Case Study: We ran a 1-year campaign in the U.S. and DACH and tracked performance monthly.

  • Product: Subscription app in the self-improvement category.

  • Tracking: Performance tracking using the client’s internal reporting tools. Conversions are attributed to each influencer and collaboration individually.


These are our main findings:

  1. Higher CPM doesn't necessarily mean weaker results. Understand the funnel end to end. New markets might balance a higher CPM with a strong lower funnel.

  2. DACH is a high conversion market with a high response to the call to action suggested by the influencers.

  3. A stronger lower funnel might compensate for a weaker upper funnel.

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