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Audible influencer marketing strategy de-constructed

We De-Constructed Audible's Influencer Marketing Strategy, by analyzing over 811 YouTube videos mentioning the brand.


Find our full report below (not supported nor validated by Audible's team, as they are not a client of TATAM Digital).


Why? Audible is one of the strongest players in influencer marketing, doing amazing collaborations with great content creators.


What? We wanted to understand the scale of their efforts, estimate their yearly budget, and results in terms of ROI.


These are our main findings:


  • We estimate Audible’s monthly budget in $320k.

  • With this budget they are sponsoring 22 videos per month.

  • The quantity of videos are evenly distributed between Micro, Mid, Macro & Mega deals.

  • On average, they obtain 870k video views per video, and 18M views per month.

  • Although deals are distributed evenly, 73% of their video views come from the Mega deals.

  • With an estimated 0,03% conversion from views to subs, we calculate Audible to be generating 6k subs per month from influencers, 70k per year.

  • With an estimated $75 LTV and $57 CAC, we think Audible is extracting 32% ROI from it’s $3.8M annual influencer marketing budget.

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