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2023 Influencer Marketing Outlook
(Top Trends to Plan for)

Lucia Aguilar our CEO was invited as speaker at the App Promotion Summit 2022 Berlin to talk about the main influencer marketing trends of 2023. Find below her presentation and feel free to reach out to her directly via lucia [at]

These are the Top 10 influencer marketing trends of 2023:

  1. Spending on IM continues to grow.

  2. Mature creator economy, more and new business models.

  3. So many platforms to choose from.

  4. Higher CPMs expected for 2023.

  5. Moving towards a cookie-less world.

  6. Measurement issues can be navigated.

  7.  Influencer 360 Partnership Expansion.

  8. Beyond CAC: purchase value & ROAS.

  9. Tiktok eats IG for lunch, and brands $ to follow.

  10. Video to surpass Display and Search

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